Reality of Mecca

Mecca is said to be the most sacred place on earth by Islam doctrine. This is the origin of Islam religion. When people speak about religion, people would think of how Mecca is suppose to be like. No one can enter there except Muslims qualified for it. For them, only deserving people can enter the holy place knowing that not all Muslims are called holy. Mecca is a built grand place where there are holy sites and holy belongings of their God.

Haji, pilgrimage to Mecca is a treasure that most Muslims desire to achieve even at least once a lifetime. This is because they believe that whoever sets his foot in Mecca can be guaranteed of a blessing that can not be imagined by an ordinary man.

This may also bring people a name to themselves. If they want to go far, they mean they want to go to Mecca because this may customize the being of a person. While no ordinary men can go there, others are just envious of it?

They too want to know the footstep of Muhammad their prophet when they reach Mecca. The rites and rituals that they do in Mecca originated from ancestral respect for example from Abraham. Actually, they believe that their Ancestor is Ishmael whose mother is Hagar.

They come to conduct the any religious rituals inside the holy sites of Mecca. For example, they intentionally kiss the black stone in the Kaaba, the dwelling place of Allah. Unless they kiss this one, Haji can be considered meaningless.