Basic Doctrines of Quran

Quran is the basic doctrines of the Muslim. Of course, people have their  own doctrines and beliefs but there are many people who would think of having no religion or any kind of belies about the God because of the wickedness on this earth.

According to the Quran Book:

People have to believe in Allah as their God because Allah and every follower have to believe in Muhammad the prophet of Allah. People who believe in Allah are called Muslim.

Quran teaches that Jesus is no God and that those who believe in Him will be cursed. There is no reason for Muslims to revere Jesus, the God of Christians. ‘‘

Muslims also think that there is no sin. If there is no sin, does this mean that all people are righteous? Since their is no sin, there is no need for Savior. However, they teach that there is a need to be kind to neighbors.

To be just is a command. This is why they believe in the teaching ‘A tooth for a tooth, an aye for an eye’. They can kill someone for justice sake since people in the past killed each other as the God of the Israelites commanded, for justice. This is why Muslims are not afraid to kill someone to repay someone from a wrong doing.

A man can also possess many wives. Having many wives is an indication that a man i rich since he can feed his multiple family. This is because, you can only establish multiple family when you can afford to raise them equally.