Looking into the issues surrounding Islam that leads to misunderstanding

Many people know about Islam because of the atrocities that are being committed by Muslims or the war that is unending because of having a different thought and having a different set of language and values and of course the belief of being the one that is a true religion. One of the hot topics is a religion because it has become part of the daily life of a person or if not in daily life in the life cycle of an individual from birth to death.

If you will be able to watch the arguments presented in the video during a debate you can understand what is the point of it. If we want to live in peace then we must understand each other and accept what is their belief and respect it. Let us not have the misconce[ptions and misinterpretations that could destroy our life. You can say that Islam is not the reason that they should practice such beliefs because even if they are Islam they have different practices.

An example given is in marriage. Different countries who have Islam as their religion do not have the same practices to follow. If it is not from the where it should come from then whose teaching is it? Even if many are being curious and trying many things you should not compromise the truth as all will be revealed in the end as many also believe. Let us be able to make effort to find the true peace.