Breaking the myths about Muslims who live in a non-Muslim nation

The stereotyping is applied to as many as it can be labelled and to the Muslim, it is no different. Muslim have been known for many things and most of them are negative or bad because of what is happening that the news is reporting. Because of the many numbers of what was done and so the stereotyping have been developed and in rotation around the world. This time let us take a look at the situation of Muslims living outside their hometown in a video.

You can see about their situations and the different assumptions that were made regarding the Muslims. they have received that label due to the deeds of their fellow Muslims but this also proves that not all are the same. Even if you belong to one father but you can also implement your own rules when you have your own family. That is why worldwide the situation is not generally true but only to some certain areas. Knowing the things stated above is very good information and education.

You can say this article is made for you to understand the other side of people who are Muslim and not having in their mind to do harm. They are the ones who have understood what should be done and not but only for the better on this earth. religion should not be the cause of war but it should be the one that will unite people to be at peace with the world.