Social Theory in Quran

When we try to say Quran there is something special with the big bang theory. There is a relationship between this two wherein the splitting of the Moon and skies. We come to think about how is the universe being made, and what is the true theory that really proves where the earth or the universe came from or how it was started. Among those theories, one of the most popular and muslim believe is the Big Bang theory. And this was totally all informed by the Quran.

This theory comes with a big explosion in the universe wherein it was stated in the book of Quran. That is why many Muslim people believe that Quran is the true book of God created. They believe that all of the things prophecy in their book are truly happened in the past. That is why they really believe that the universe was started through the big bang theory, which is a big explosion in the universe coming from the same substance. This is what they believe for.

They merely define this thing as fact that took place in the book of Quran that they truly believe and even informed Muslim people about the Big Bang Theory. They discover this thing more about the 19th century. They believe in the book of Allah, wherein they believe that he is our God. They believe that he created the earth, the sky and the universe. So they claim to believe that Allah is our God.